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Monday, August 24, 2009

Why has Apple crippled the iPhone's bluetooth?

I have been reading alot about this of late on the web, it now has been asked alot at work when I advise custoemrs... "By the way you can't send files (music, photo's etc) via bluetooth on your iPhone". The responce is pretty normal "What? My old Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson blah. blah ... could do that and that was over 5 years ago... oh well" and they still by it, just goes to show the power of the iPhone.
With the release of OS 3.0 most thought the Bluetooth issue would be resolved and we iPhone addicts would have one less joke the WinMo guys would throw at us.

But no It seems to me that Apple wants iTunes to be the portal to the iPhone and may be worried about music or other stuff (security threats) being transfered to the iPhone that they don't control or get a kick back from. I mean come on all of my old WinMo devices could transfer files some did very well.

If only Apple would allow sharing via bluetooth, it can be done for those who have jailbroken their iPhones you can via Cydia download (small fee now) iBluetooth it has a bluetooth stack included from most of the reviews it does what it states transfer files to and from the iPhone.
If they are so worried about iTunes media being transfered stop DRM files being transfered there must be some bright spark that could right a script etc for that.

Well I just hope that with the possible release of 3.1 OS (currently in Beta with developers) that they - Apple think long and hard about what their customer want - EVERYTHING!
Well that's my rant for today



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