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Jason (PPCApache) has been using Windows Mobile devices for the past 11 years starting with the iPaq 1700 series PDA then moving through to conversion devices inclcuding the Harrier (PPC-6600) and Apache (PPC-6700) handsets. Jason started on when he bought his Axim X51v on of the most powerful stand alone PDA's on the market for that time. Jason has been working in the Telco industry for the past 6 years. 

His current devices are the Dell Streak, iPad 3G 16GB, iPhone 3G 16GB, and an iPod Touch 16GB (1st Gen), there is also an HTC Legend as well. Jason also enjoys reviewing products and being involved with technology, he is also busy within the tech community namely with MobilitySite as a News Editor, SPB Software as SPB Expert / Moderator and SBSH. 

Jason has also completed Windows Phone certificates –
  • Windows® Phone Specialist
  • Windows® Phone Expert
  • Windows® Phone Business Specialist


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