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Dell abandons Australian Streak Owners! No Accessories!

Ok I have owned my Dell Streak for almost 8 months (or so) and could not find any accessories - Chargers, Cables, Cases sold in Australia. Thats right you currently can not buy anything related to the Dell Streak (other than the Streak itself) here in Australia. If you want to get anything for your Streak have only a few options available to you...

My New setup.... iPad + Keyboard Dock + Bluetooth Mouse

After getting a bonus at work I thought great I might be able to afford a new notebook as my wife keeps highjacking mine, but no just wasn't in the budget, but not to worry here is my stop gap until we can afford it....

Rumour: Dell Streak to get GingerBread 2.3? Or will it?

It seems that Dell might release GingerBread for the Dell Streak, this from Amy Bivin from Dell responding to @Arc28 via twitter. If they are releasing 2.3 I hope they don’t draw it out like they did with 2.2. NOTE: Dell released 2.2.2 in May of 2011 whats next 2.3?

Speck Blackwing Black CandyShell Case for iPad

I received my Speck Blackwing Black CandyShell Case for my iPad, it was straight on my iPad and it looks great, my darling wife has already informed me that she is stealing it for her iPad that I am getting her over the next week or so...

[My Thoughts] My New Device...

Well I have finally come back to the land of WinMo, as I now have bought the HTC HD2. This mammoth power house of a device sports a 4.3 inch screen with power to boot - 1GHz processor.

Friday, April 16, 2010

[News] Speck Releases First Wave of New iPad Sleeves, Cases, and Screen Protectors

Speck CandyShell in Batwing Black
 Well Speck are really added some great cases and styles to their range by now including some of their well known and loved cases for iPhone & MacBooks to now include the latest and greatest iPad, have a read of my post of at MobilitySite by clicking here.

[News] Speck Protects Kindle 2 with Stylish New Cases

Speck’s DustJacket for Amazon’s Kindle

A few days ago I posted on MobilitySite about the news release of Specks new cases for Kindle 2, if more info head over to my post by clicking here and find out how to add some protection and style to your Kindle 2...

Friday, April 02, 2010

[My Thoughts] My New Device...

Well I have finally come back to the land of WinMo, as I now have bought the HTC HD2. This mammoth power house of a device sports a 4.3 inch screen with power to boot - 1GHz processor.

I am currently writing an artical comparing the HD2 and my old iPhone 3G. It will be a head to head rounds with a winner chosen on best overall performance for that round and why I gave the point to that device.

I will most likely post it to and as well as part here, so check back for more info.

It has been well over 18 months that I have used a WinMo Touch screen device, my last one was the Dell Axim X51v, after that I had my Moto Q9h smartphone (non-touch device) and then my iPhone so big learning curve as I am having to get used to WinMo 6.5 and HTC Sence 2.5, which I really like, I have tried to go back to the today screen that I was so used to before like on the X51v, Apache (PPC-6700) or the Harrier (PPC-6600) but just keep going back to Sence as it makes 'Sence' to me so easy to use and with Co0kie Monstors (XDA-Developers) mods for the Home tab - Giving more shortcut icons on 3 pages either 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 and then adds more to the calendar info - allows you to swipe down and show up to next 5 or so appointments.

So far I have only tried one cooked ROM didn't like it and when I tried to add one of the authors cabs it froze at the White screen with HTC logo, had to root via MicroSD with the original stock ROM. So I finally fixed that and then reflashe the ROM to 1.66 (WWE) which has been stable and working well.

Well got to get back to writting my artical, cya...


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