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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My New Device... The Samsung Galaxy Note!

Almost two weeks ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note as a replacement for my Dell Streak that died. I found that I have been taken over again with larger than life screen.

I have been an HTC fan for years from my very first smartphone the HTC Apache (PPC-6700) and HTC Harrier (PPC-6600) I have used the HTC HD2 and just recently the HTC Sensation. I really like the look of HTC Sense and how it works. With the release of the HTC One X I thought that it might have been my next device, but if only it had been in BLACK! Yes we only have the white version here in OZ and I don't like white phones, yes I know that I can put a black case on it and not notice the colour... but at the end of the day it is WHITE!

I currently also own an iPad 2 and used to carry it to work and sometimes if we went out and about, but since I have had the Note I have only tuned on my iPad twice to check a couple of things and not used it. I am currently typing this entry using my Note, a Logitech M555b Bluetooth mouse and a Logitech Bluetooth Android Keyboard (which surprisingly works on my iPad 2, looking at getting a Samsung Tab 10.1 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 next year why I bought the Android version instead of the iPad one).

As I stated before I haven't used my iPad 2 all that much of the last two weeks this is because the Note does what the iPad can do and in some ways even better - using a Bluetooth mouse... And it is also a Smartphone so I have two devices in one.

With the implementation of the S Pen you have another area that cn be utilised even further and once more and more developers start to add A Pen functionality to their apps the Note will come into its own. This was shown by Samsung with the S Pen competition for developers to develope an app that takes full advantage of the S Pen. Total prize pool was $205,000 dollars. It's great to see Samsung actually wanting to throw some cash in the Note unlike Dell who turned their back on their loyal Streak owners.



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