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Friday, October 01, 2010

Android on HTC HD2... is it a good thing?

Most HD2 people that own the HD2 have been left in the lurches by Microsoft after they announced that they would not be updating the HD2 to WP7, even after it was first advised by HTC that it would...

With the new kid on the block - Android taking the market share in leaps and bounds it didn't take long for the Whiz Kids over at XDA to port the Android OS over to the HD2, currently you have to boot from the root of you SD card and use "CLRCD" to enable sound and "HARET" to boot the ROM.

Most ROMs are cooked off either the EVO 4G, Nexus and desire ROM's or a bit of all are mixed depending on the chief, each has pro's and con's involved and all are still been worked on as new Kernels come out and fixes to bugs or on going issues for example

- Robot voice on calls
- Echo / background noise
- Camera not working (Desire HD ROM Beta)
- Some data connections
- SOD (Sleep ODeath)

I have been trying out the latests builds from the chiefs at XDA and some work great, but for me it just is not at the level that I can say "Hey this is an OS I can use on a daily bases on my HD2". I think this might change once someone can complete a NAND base ROM.

And that is the next argument Boot from SD or NAND - for me NAND is a must as I turn off my HD2 at least twice a week - I work for a Mobile Phone repair centre and we advise all customers to do this to help with reconnection to the network, enable the handset to have a power cycle (this happens a lot for iPhone 3GS users that never turned their handset off and then found their iPhone had turned off while in their pocket, bag etc) and clear cache system. 

The problem with turning off the HD2 with Android is that when it powers back up it reboots back into Windows, so with it going to NAND this would hopefully not happen, have to wait and see.

Hopefully I will look at some of the new Android ROMs going to the HD2 and post my reviews of them over at so keep any eye out over their and here.




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