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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dell's cowardly E.O.L announcement for Streak 5

While back Gizmodo announced that the Dell Streak 5 was being pulled from shelves and the online stores as it might have been getting a possible overhaul of either hardware or software.

Most Streak owners were hoping for a software update possible gingerbread or even a hybrid gingerbread/ honeycomb, this dream has now been totally shattered thanks to the cowardly approach of Dell with the End of Life announcement for the Streak.

The reason behind this is the release (or up and coming release) of new devices in Europe and other markets blah...blah... blah.... to me it sounds like a load of crap.

They could have gone out with a bang instead it was a wimpier... they could have a least done the 2.3 update then EOL it.

I used to be very happy with Dell they had the Axim X51v which I loved and then hoped they would come out with something radical which in my view they had with the Streak.

I have now abandoned my Streak and currently have it on the market and its now tucked away in one of my draws awaiting its further demise. In the mean time I have poached my wife's HTC Legend and using that till I get either the HTC EVO 3D (most likely) or the HTC Sensation...

I am that frustrated with Dell and this stupid decision that I can no longer support or endorse any of their products to family, friends or work mates. Why support a company that abandoned its loyal customers.

Bye Dell for ever....

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