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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dell Streak Pulled from Web Stores? Why?

Some of you may have herd through the inter-web grapevine that recently Dell and it's re-sellers have pulled the Dell Streak from their websites for sale. If you check Optus website they have the following image of the Streak with a sign at the bottom "No Longer Available".

Originally people thought Dell were discontinuing the Streak and turning its back on the faithful Streak owners? It seems that they may not have and that it might be possible that the Streak could be getting a re-release in August - will it be a Hardware revamp or (HOPEFULLY) software upgrade..
Will it be Gingerbread (2.3.3) or Honeycomb (3.0), or even a Hybrid version? It may just have to be a waiting game... like most Streak owners we all check our software update via our Streaks daily.. I know I do... maybe to much?...Nah just to hopefully.

Hopefully all your answers will be answered over the next few weeks, fingers crossed.



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