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Saturday, July 03, 2010

[APP] HomeScreenJump

I posted this at Tech@Play and so again wanted to added to my blog...

I was checking out XDA-Developers a few weeks ago and found a nice little App by dotcompt which is based on an app form the HTC Wildfire. It has now been updated to 2.0.

Originally Posted by dotcompt
"I was watching a Youtube video showing up the new HTC Wildfire with an awesome feature, pressing an hardware key you have access to an homescreen from where you can run the widget you desire.

So I´ve decided to create a small app for our Rhodium:

Name: HomeScreenJump for TouchPro 2
Version: 2.0
Author: dotcompt
Requirements: .NET CF 3.5

Description: HomeScreen from where you can jump to the Manila Tab you want.
Tabs available: Home, People, Messages, Mail, Weather, Twitter, Music, Photos&Videos, Call History, eReader, Documents, GPS Tracker, Settings, Calendar, Internet, Manila TV, Stocks, Footprints, Facebook and Programs Tabs."
HomeScreenJump - pic taken from my HD2 via Pocket Controller - Pro.

Here is the change log from his XDA-Developer thread.
Change Log 12-06-2010:

* One Cab Installer.
* Fullscreen view (no more WM6.5 buttons).
* Visual enhancements and animations.
* Favorite wallpaper crash fixed.
* Readme file added to install folder

Change Log 07-06-2010:

* 3x3 grid with 9 Tab links
* 20 Manila Tabs available now
* Wallpaper changer easy to skin
* Favorite wallpaper - you need to copy your favorite wallpaper to \Program Files\HomeScreenJump\Wallpapers with the name "favorite.jpg"
* Option to choose which tabs to show

I have tested this on my HD2 and works great, I had it connected to my end key with a long press. If you want to give this great little app a try click here



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