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Saturday, July 03, 2010

[Review] Laurentius26 WWE HD2 ROM

 Here is a nother mini-review I did at Tech@Play and also over at

Since I have had my HD2 I have tried both Stock ROM (1.66, 1.72) and Cooked ROMS (Dutty, NRG, Miri) and still haven't found a ROM that meets all my needs from Stability, Speed, Looks and overall use... Until now.

I found Laurentius26 GoldEdition V2.1 Default/Spike™ WWE 23568 based on 2.13 for both HD2 US/EU devices.

Here are some pics of my HD2 with Laurentius26 ROM, I am using the following Mods and apps.

* Co0kies Home Tab v1.80 [Link]
* CHTEditor v1.80 [Link]
* Spike's Co0kie Icon Fix [Link]
* DINIK Anastasia - Start Icon v1.0 [Link]

I have found the main icons that Laurentis used is Coquette Icons set (8 in Total) there are 50 icons in each set, they come in the following sizes: 16x16px, 24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px, I used 128x128.

Coquette Part 1 Icons | Coquette Part 2 Icons | Coquette Part 3 Icons | Coquette Part 4 Icons
Coquette Part 5 Icons | Coquette Part 6 Icons | Coquette Part 7 Icons | Coquette Part 8 Icons.

On my Home tab I have the standard Sense with Co0kie's Home Tab mod which in my view is a must have app, it give's you so much choices and additional screens and views.

Home Screen (Today Tab)

With the quick links you can see I have add Co0kie's Notification Icon, Toggle Switchs and Settings Icons, now I have also used Spike's Co0kie Icon Fix to change the look of the icons. I have also taken away the background for the icons and text ujsing CHTEditor.

Quick Links - Cookie Home Tab

One thing I like is the icons of the ROM, they look great and fit in with what I like pretty much all icons have been themed. As you can see all the tabs icons are themed also.

Showing Skinned icons for Sense Tabs

I have used JWMD Icon Changer to change all other icons to the Coquette iconset.

Start Menu

I personally think the icons look great on the HD2, even in the contacts people icons and bottom icons fit in very well.

Contacts - Icons also themed at the bottom.

So far the ROM is very stable, fast and is close to stock. The biggest problem I have is the lack of storage after a cooked ROM is installed as the chef also puts in his or her apps/mods and other tweks which overall incresaes the size of the ROM on one occasion I only had 80MB left after installing one ROM with the Laurentius ROM I had 168MB left then after adding a few mods etc and the icons I currently have 140MB ROM left.

I have used other Chef's ROM's from Dutty (, Miri ( & NRG (xda-developers) each have there own style and idea's.

So I recommend head over to Laurentius26 site here and register on his forum to downlaod your copy of this ROM, please remeber to use Bepe's HSPL found here on XDA-Developers. If you are new to cooked ROMs them I recommend that you take the time to visit XDA-Developers and read there "Flashing your First GSM 512LEO Rom (For Noobs)". Well thats my take of this great ROM, have fun.

What other ROM's have YOU tried and what has worked the best?



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