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Saturday, July 24, 2010

[Review] Boxwave Armor case

I decided to repost this review I did for both Tech@Play and here on my Blog...

For those people that need a little more protection for their devices wether it is on a belt clip or in your pocket then maybe the Armor Case is for you. This review is on the 'Open Front' Case.

I am not new to Boxwave's Armor style cases, as I have bought one for my Motorola Q9h Smartphone a few years back and as you can see my Armor Case on the Moto Q9h has taken a bit of punishment on the plastic screen but is still going strong.

0. Boxwave Armor Case on my HTC HD2 & my Motorola Q9h Smartphone..

Armor Case Features:
* Form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version)
* Made of anodized aluminum that is strong yet lightweight
* Interior is padded with a thin layer of foam that holds your device securely in place
* Secure side closure design
* Cut-out design for the touchscreen so that you can keep the same tactile feel as using the HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version) without a case
* Accessible openings provides quick access to control buttons and camera
* Includes a high quality, simple-to-use, and detachable belt clip (uses Swivel Belt Clip - Model D)
* Available in black or metallic silver color


1. Boxwave Armor Case packaging...
2. The pack contains the Armor case, Belt Stud and Clip...
As per my last review (Boxwave CorsaModa Leather Case) I will be using the same review key indicators on how the Armor case stacks up.

* Style - How does the case fit in with its look
* Protection - Does it protect my HD2
* Functionality - Does it meet my every day needs
* Design - How well has the case been designed and made
* Price - Does the price reflect the product.

STYLEThe Armor case feels very strong, but surprisingly very light. The black metal finish looks great and ties in nicely with the HD2's over all look and feel.
3. The Case looks great, feels strong and
gives a sence of protection...

Once the HD2 is in its nice and tight giving a very secure feeling, one thing I learn't from my Boxwave Armor case that I got for my Motorola Q9h is that the little clip needs to be bent downwards a little to get a better fit when the front of the case is closed.

4. The HD2 slots in smoothly, has excellent padding inside
 the case to give you added protection...
The Case gives very good functionailty overall, pretty much the same as the CorsaModa Lethaer case I reviewed last week, they have thought about were everything need to go and it just works.

5. The Case has front cut out for the 5 main buttons..
6. You have full access to the volume keys...
6a. Charger port and headphone jack...
7. The hinge is not large so is not adding thickness to the case...
8. Camera, Flash & Speaker all nicely done on the back also...
The metal finishing of the case is very good, no metal burrs, the HD2 fits very nicely and has a secure tight fit.

8. Armor case latch, some may find this a bit loose,
but as I stated before if you bend the latch a little
inwards then it will close very tight against the case...
10. The Belt clip stud screws in easily...
10a. The Belt Clip is very sturdy...

Currently the price for the Armor Case is $34.95USD ($41.98AUD), again Boxwave have got the price right in my books but wait there's more, as of 22/05/2010 - Boxwave's website currently has an online special for $27.95USD ($33.57AUD) plus postage- Click here for more info on Boxwave's prices.

I have tested this case both using the Belt Clip and in my pocket and found that I was a bit dubious about having it on my hip with the screen facing out and exposed, however found it was so much easier in my poket with the screen facing towards me.

So after all my testing and checking I would still highly recommend this case to anyone, it was light weight, but added loads of protection, could be used on belt or in your pocket..

I will give the last word to Boxwave -

"BoxWave's Armor Case is a form-fitting, aluminum metal case that is designed to protect your HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version) from everyday wear and tear."

To check out what boxwave has to offer for you check out there site:



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