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Saturday, July 03, 2010

[Review] Boxwave CorsaModa Leather Case

I posted a review of Boxwave's - CorsaModa Leather Case for the HTC HD2 (EU and Asia Pacific version) at Tech@Play and expanded on a thread posted on, so I thought I would post my full review here on my Blog as well. From the first day I bought my HTC HD2 I have been looking for a leather case, do you think it was easy No!, well the guys at Boxwave think they have a winner, so I took the challenge and was sent the CorsaModa Leather case to see how it would handle every day use. I received my Review case and I can tell you it was worth the wait.

1. Christmas has arrived early for me, can't wait to see what the case looks like, box contains the CorsaModa case (of course) and the Belt clip & stud.

For this review I will be looking at the following key indicators and how the CorsaModa case stacks up.

* Style - How does the case fit in with it's look
* Protection - Does it protect my HD2
* Functionality - Does it meet my every day needs
* Design - How well has the case been designed and made
* Price - Does the price reflect the product.

To me the case is all business, just feels so solid, the case looks great with the black and red strip down the middle the contrast red & black looks smart, also the red stripe has a nice pattern.

2. Business style, with great finish...

Once I had gotten my HD2 in the Case, I must admit the whole thing just felt so nice and solid, I have some cheap cases and you can tell that they are just adequate a little padding and not much else, but the CorsaModa case has some nice padding on the flip cover.

3. The case has two SD card slots and two business / credit cards slots, also has velvet inner giving more protection...

4. The HD2 slides in smoothly from the top...

5. Once the HD2 is in its nice and tight giving a very secure feeling...
The CorsaModa Case gives you access to all your keys from the front 5 buttons, the volume keys, charger and headphone jack point, also on the back of the case you cut outs for your Camera/ Flash and speaker. The great thing I like about the case is that with the front flip shut you still have access to your headphone jack.

6. The Case has front cut out for the 5 main buttons...
7. You have full access to the volume keys...

8. Great with this Case is the access to Charger port and heaphone jack...

9. Camera, Flash & Speaker all nicely done on the back also...

Of all the cases with magnetic clasps, I think Boxwave got it right with the CorsaModa case as you can see in Pic 10. the back has a cut out that the magnetic clasp fits into. The belt clip fits nicely with the case and has movement if knocked, also very easy clip release system.

The stiching on the case is very well done, with the red it looks great on the black and flows from the front.

10.Magnetic clasp...

11.Belt clip...
Currently the price for the CorsaModa is $43.95USD ($49.59AUD),Which is pretty standard for any leather case on the market, as at 16/05/2010 - Boxwave currently has an online special of $29.95USD ($33.79AUD) - Click here for more info on Boxwave's prices.

I have tested this case in some very tight spots:

Test Location 1: Work - I work for a mobile repair centre for 3 Mobile, in my roll I am up and down from my desk talking to Technicians or assisting them with repairs, I need a case that almost feels as if it is not there, until I need it.

Test Location 2: Train Station - Walk down (and Up) esculators you can get knocked around by bags, people and walls with this case it felt secure.

Test Location 2a: On the Train - Either sitting down or standing on the train, the case gave me the protection that I needed to give me peace of mind that my HD2 was protected.

Test Location 3: At Home - I always like having my HD2 close by, with the Home wi-fi network it is very easy to get online and surf the net, check emails etc and I like to keep my device away from my kids, just clip the HD2 on and I am mobile.

So after all my testing and checking I would highly recommend this case to anyone, I just found it meet all of my needs and more.
To check out what boxwave has to offer for you check out there site: BoxWave Accessories - iPad accessories, iPad cases, iPhone, Kindle, Blackberry, Treo, HTC Cases, Batteries, Chargers & More



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